Die BelBrand-Assoziation kündigt den Beginn einer wettbewerbsfähigen Auswahl von Werken für die Veröffentlichung in der ersten Eurasischen Literatursammlung an

In August 2018, in London, it is planning to publish the first Eurasian Literary Collection, which will in-clude works by authors from the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).The future unique publication is a joint project of the "BelBrand" Association and the Eurasian Creative Guild.The book will be published by the Hertford-shire Press (Great Britain) publishing house.

The publication of the Eurasian Literary Collection was announced in February by Valentina Dynich, the Deputy Chairman of the "BelBrand" Association, the Head of the Department of Innovative Projects, and Marat Akhmedjanov, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild and the Director of the Hertfordshire Press publishing house. The "BelBrand" Association hereby invites poets and prose writers from the EAEU countries to pub-lish their works in the Eurasian collection. The selection of works for the collection will be made on the competitive basis. To participate in the project, you should fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE and also send the following the e-mail address info@belbrandpresents.com:

• Your work (works) in 4 pages of A5 format (font Times New Roman, 12 pt);

• Your colour photo and brief information about the author (maximum 100 characters with spaces).

Contact for consultation on the publication condi-tion: +375 29 107 01 82 +375 44 770 36 44 info@belbrandpresents.com